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Please Note All Fees Are Based On Full 12 Month Term. Pro Rata Rates Are Available For New Members Joining Part Way Through The Calendar Year

You can apply for membership by downloading the Membership Application Form included in links.


Player Age (As at 31/12/2017)
Seven Day*
(Full Week)
Six Day* 
Five Day*
(Full Week)
Overseas* (Pay as you play)

Full Member (Age 35 - 69)


(£78 per  month DD)


(£66 per month DD)


(£52 per month DD)


(£52 per month DD)

Age 70+


(£66 per month DD)


(£52 per month DD)


(£38 per month DD)


(£41 per month DD)

Age 30 - 34


(£58 per month DD)

Age 20 - 29


(£38 per month DD)

Youth (age 17 - 20)


(£25 per month DD)

Full-time Student (off-island)


(£15 per month DD)

Junior (age 16 or below)


(£15 per month DD)

Overseas PAYP Per Round

Castletown As 2nd Club  (Mon - Fri Available Only)


(£42 monthly DD)

A 5% discount available on all above rates for payment of subscription in full before 31st December 2018.


Membership Categories
Membership Rate 
Terms For Family Memberships
Individuals aged 35+ taking up 7 day membership, who are a parent to children aged 5 or younger 

15% off relevant CGL individual fee 

Family Membership 

£1,350.00 Based on 6 day membership for two adults plus one child of maximum age 16* ^

Family Membership 

£1,590.00  Based on 7 day membership for two adults plus one child of maximum age 16* ^
Additional charge per extra child within a family (max 2 children) £38.75 Available for juniors up to 16 years


1. All Prices inclusive of VAT

2. * Seven Day (Monday - Sunday), Six Day (Sunday - Friday), Five Day (Monday to Friday), Overseas ((Not Island residents, must spend a minimum of 5 months per year off island) - Pay as you play - fee of £22.00 every time member plays.

3. In addition to playing rights for utilising the golf course and associated facilities each member is required to pay external disbursements collected by Castletown Golf Links on behalf of Castletown Golf Club, England Golf, and Isle of Man Golf. These total £38.75 per member for whom Castletown will become the Home Club. These fees are not incorporated into membership rates above and are payable in addition to those rates.

4. A member is entitled to sign in a maximum of 3 (three) guests at the members guest rate per visit to the club. A non-member may only be signed in as a members guest a maximum of 5 times per year. 

5 and 6 day members could enter the primary  weekend competition on a Saturday on the following basis:

a. only play after 12pm if playing slots are available with preference given to full members

b. pay the courtesy rate of £22 per round.



Effective 1st September 2018 for new members 

Payment for membership can be made upfront via cheque or electronic transfer, or alternatively by monthly direct debit. 

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