Castletown Golf Club

Multi-tee Competition feedback 

The initiation of multi-tee competitions on a Saturday has thus far provided some interesting results and has seen multiple players using all 3 sets of tees on a regular basis. It’s been fantastic to have seen some of the senior golfers who are consistent hitters being able to compete successfully by no longer needing to aim into a 15-yard-wide gap just because they don’t quite hit their drives the distance to reach fairways from the white tees. Likewise, some of the lower handicap players are highly enthused by the opportunity to test themselves regularly over a longer course from the blue tees, whilst fundamentally everyone is competing for the main event.

Each participants ‘playing handicap in a given competition is adjusted by the intelligent golf system in accordance with their choice of tee. This handicap adjustment is purely relevant for their finishing position on the day and will not be considered when adjusting that players handicap at the end of the competition. For example:

  • Actual official Handicap = 9.7, playing 10
  • Player chooses yellow tees with SSS = 70 versus par 72
  • Handicap penalty of 2 shots so strokes received on the day = 8. This is designed to neutralise the advantage of playing from yellow tees from a competition result perspective.
  • Medal play, player scores gross 78
  • Net score = 70 (78 – 8)
  • The entire field of players play average golf meaning the SSS provides an equal CSS for all tees on the day, so CSS = SSS = 70
  • CSS = 70 and players net score given stroke allowance on the day = 70. Might think this means no handicap change occurs, but actually it does.
  • For handicap adjustment purposes the players actual official handicap is deducted from their gross score = 78 – 10 = 68. 2 shots below the CSS of 70. Players actual official handicap is lowered by 2 x 0.2 = 0.4. New official handicap = 9.3.
  • Next time the member chooses to play from yellow tees he will receive 7 strokes.

The benefits of multi-tee comps are simple but significant and can add more fun for us all:

1. Inclusion and camaraderie

We have a wide demographic of members at the Links. Club events offer a brilliant opportunity to get involved in the spirit of our collective club and should therefore be available to as many members as possible. Multi-tee comps allow this to happen by giving every member a fighting chance to compete on the course.

2. Adding variety

We are fortunate at Castletown to be able to play our course from more tee locations than most clubs. Playing from different teeing grounds presents totally different challenges and can add a lot of fun to playing in competitions.

3. Growing the club

It’s no secret that participation in golf has slowed over recent years and whilst we have a good membership base at Castletown as with almost all other clubs we can benefit significantly from having more members. Multi-tee competitions allow us the opportunity to attract new members to the Links who might not have considered joining us before as they felt the course too long and challenging.

The re-rating of the links is now complete bar the new 18th hole and so it will be interesting to see, given a new set of rating criteria and new permanent tee positions to be used in conjunction with that rating, just how the standard scratch scores from each set of tees might change. This new rating will be available from early 2018.

​​Should members have feedback on the multi-tee competitions please do drop in and speak to us at the Links or contact Ben Smaller and Dawn Sissons, the current competitions and handicap secretaries. In the same vein the playing formats and fixture lists for 2018 are now being considered and we would collectively welcome the views of members on this. 

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