Castletown Golf Club

Capital International Castletown Cup (Men) in conjunction with IOMG OOM Series Saturday 18th May 2019

Saturday 18th May 2019, White Tees, Castletown Links

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 72 (Visitors 72)
1st Mike Horsthuis(9) 66
2nd Marc Harrison(5)  Mount Murray Golf Club66
3rd Connor Cain(24) 66
4th Andrew Gerrard(7) 67
5th Andy Sharpe(18) 67
6th Neil Caine(2)  Mount Murray Golf Club67
7th Tom Cain(6)  Mount Murray Golf Club67
8th Andrew Davies(11) 67
9th Terry Ditchfield(13) 68
10th Thomas Doherty(12) 68
11th Francis Doherty(9) 68
12th Lee MORGAN(0)  Peel Golf Club68
13th Aaron Hawley(12)  Rowany Golf Club69
14th Damian McGuinness(12) 69
15th Lewis Howland(7) 70
16th Dave Quayle(4) 70
17th Mark Teare(6) 70
18th Peter Robertson(14) 71
19th D W Kinrade(5)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man)71
20th Keith Featherstone(15) 71
21st Iain Quine(8) 71
22nd Stuart Wallace(4)  Mount Murray Golf Club71
23rd Alan Rowe(6) 71
24th Steven Boyd(3) 71
25th Tom Doyle(5)  Mount Murray Golf Club71
26th Bryan McMahon(9) 71
27th Anderson Whamond(16) 71
28th Mark Todd(11) 72
29th Jack Gilbert(3) 72
30th Keith W Ward(4)  Mount Murray Golf Club72
31st Ivan Clague(7)  Douglas Golf Club72
32nd Robert Taylor(17) 72
33rd Lee Coxon(12) 72
34th Richard Creamore(8) 72
35th Mark Curphey(2) 72
36th Simon Murray(5) 72
37th Neil Cartwright(9) 72
38th Richard Dunn(6) 72
39th Paul Reid(10) 72
40th Steven Glynn(18) 73
41st Gary Ashe(4)  Douglas Golf Club73
42nd Dan Williams(7) 73
43rd Guy Pickard(5) 73
44th Juan Costain(6) 73
45th Chris Howland(7) 73
46th Richard Corke(5) 74
47th Tam Dick(5)  Douglas Golf Club74
48th Phil Hassall(8)  Peel Golf Club74
49th Kenny Chesterson(5) 74
50th Alan Bath(19) 74
51st Mark Jones(19) 75
52nd Ben Smaller(6) 75
53rd Duncan Donald(14) 75
54th Francis Thoday(13) 75
55th Ross Byrne(10) 75
56th Gez Bradley(2) 75
57th John Byrne(11) 75
58th Ross Mulligan(7) 75
59th Guy Richard Murray(12) 75
60th Richard Coole(8)  Rowany Golf Club76
61st Stuart Campbell(13) 76
62nd Samuel Skelton(5) 76
63rd Mark Sutton(0)  Rowany Golf Club76
64th Paul Cox(14) 76
65th Peter Miller(15) 76
66th Josh Kelly(16)  Rowany Golf Club76
67th Kevin Lewin(25) 76
68th Michael Charmer(1) 76
69th John Ledwidge(15) 77
70th Stuart Butler(19) 77
71st Gary Hunter(5)  Douglas Golf Club77
72nd David Allan(11) 77
73rd Bert Hopkinson(17) 77
74th Nigel Kermode(15)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man)78
75th William Laughlin(13) 78
76th Adrian Copley(10) 78
77th Peter Thomas(8) 78
78th Andrew Mitchinson(8) 78
79th Anthony Hopkins(21) 78
80th Mark Reynolds(13) 78
81st Michael Saabye Katkjaer(10) 79
82nd Martin Young(6) 79
83rd Tim Callow(20) 79
84th Stephen Berry(4) 79
85th Matthew Bell(14)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man)79
86th Michael Pigott(5)  Mount Murray Golf Club79
87th Freddie Dancox(8)  Mount Murray Golf Club79
88th Brian Bodell(6) 79
89th David Laughlin(20) 79
90th Sean O'Connell(9)  Mount Murray Golf Club80
91st Tony Kelly(14)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man)80
92nd Terence Cassidy(13) 80
93rd Peter Purcell(14) 80
94th David Creane(21) 81
95th Richard Connolly(18) 81
96th Alan Harding(15) 81
97th Kevin Bell(20)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man)82
98th Gerry Ganly(14) 82
99th David Campbell(18) 82
100th Stephen Jeffers(3) 82
101st Keith Bernard(19) 82
102nd Jeffrey Magee(16) 83
103rd Dennis Moore(9) 84
104th Kyle McConnell(12) 84
105th Philip Pemberton(11)  Peel Golf Club85
106th Simon Colquitt(7)  Douglas Golf Club85
107th Orry-James Creane(13) 86
108th Foley Gort(4) 86
109th Jason Cubbon(5) NR
110th Mark Grace(16) NR
111th Christopher Dunn(17) NR
112th Adam Holt(25) NR
113th Andi Howland(8) NR
114th Robert Quine(20) NR
115th Scott Wilson(13)  Douglas Golf ClubNR
116th John Lee(18) NR
117th William Halsall(9) NR
118th Ben Humbles(11) NR
119th David Bell(23) NR
120th Anthony Gawne(17) NR
121st J Cowley(9)  Rowany Golf ClubNR
122nd Peter McKenna(22) NR
123rd Matthew Astall(5)  Rowany Golf ClubNR
124th Andrew Dent(11) NR
125th John Dean(25) NR
126th Chris Westerman(18) NR
127th Dominic Litton(15) NR
128th Geoffrey Sugden(25) NR
129th David Price(6) NR
130th Michael J Kelly(17)  Peel Golf ClubNR
131st Nigel Gregg(12) NR
132nd Richard Wild(20) NR
133rd Terry Mackay(28) NR
134th Matthew Nicholson(4)  Mount Murray Golf ClubNR
135th Robert Adcock(29) NR
136th Kevin Madin(25) NR
137th Graham Cannell(11) NR
138th Ben Akrigg(10) NR
N/A Paul Sugden(28) 78
N/A Chris E Kneen(7) NR
N/A Pheric Jansen(19) NR
N/A Callum Brookes(28) NR
143rd Les Doherty(26) DQNO CARD RETURNED
144th Mike Pinson(25) DQNO CARD RETURNED
145th Martin Southgate(20) DQNO CARD RETURNED
146th Jimmy Kelly(14) DQNO CARD RETURNED
147th George McArdle(13) DQNO CARD RETURNED
148th Finlo Neale(11) DQNO CARD RETURNED
N/A Jake Sansbury(12) DQNO CARD RETURNED

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